DiNapoli Levels: The Practical Application of Fibonacci Analysis to Investment Markets


April 1, 2020

I have one of the first original printing. It's now on its third printing. If ever there was book WB would have had close by it was this book. Sure he used Elliott, but joe takes you by the hand and really gives you a better understanding of how to use that divider. And yes I also have Joe's divider and video. (both are not available)

Best of all, the book explains difficult financial concepts in plain English. I can't say it's really fun and easy to read. If you do read it you'll be glad you did!

Since the book was last revised since 1998, the world of personal finance has changed dramatically. This all-new 3rd revision is the most extensive one that Joe has ever undertaken, and includes fresh updates and brand new material including:

  • Updated charts and tables and text.
  • The most comprehensivev work published on the practical applicaton of Fibonacci Analysis to the Price Axis
  • 8.5 x 11 with 300 pages chocked fulld of 18 years in the makeing and 18 months in the making.
  • Accuracly place stops for maximum potential and miminum headache.
  • Predetermined profit objectives with low risk entry levels---they way the insiders and professonals it on and off the floor.

Joe has put his best work forward to ensure the new to seasoned trader has the tools to succeed. If you were fortunate to watch the video it was a long time ago---but he was so happy when they started opening up the levels to the retail trader. In this book, you will see his same passion to help the young bull gain knowledge and insight from the old bulls.

About The Bloger

I'm just a regular guy; Not Silver spoon family or WALL Street / Chicago network or Financial Fast Track educational express superstar golden boy, I have an intimate knowledge of the insider mindset / how the insiders on Wall Street think act and position their trades.

I SEE THE MARKET IN TERMS OF THE COMPOSITE MAN / INSIDER – Most traders look at the market in terms of bulls and bears. This creates a dichotomy. A duality of the mind. Wyckoff looked at the market in terms of Composite Man / “insiders” the combined effect of the bulls and bears. It's the insiders that move the market in terms of news catalysts and offing events---not bulls and bears. I've cloned the mind / vernacular of Wyckoff's thinking and writing approach to the market.

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Ryan K. Moran
21 hours ago

I heard of that book but not sure if the full title. I was not aware it was by Joe. Thanks for providing these resources.

Wyckoff Trader to Ryan
33 hours ago

You are Welcome! Its what I love to do. Its a labor of love. When I first met WB I was sure he had read this book. However I pressed him and he declined to answer. This book is a great researce on better understanding the waves of the market as they relate the the profissional and insiders. Be sure to check out Elliot book above if you really want to get under the hood of TA.

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